Complete list of what is open and what is closed in Weekend lockdown in Delhi

The Delhi government announced a weekend curfew in the state which will start from this week because of rising Covid-19 cases. This time Delhi may
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Delhi CM Tested Positive for COVID-19, Tweeted that the Symptoms are Mild

The Chief Minister of the national capital has recently tested positive for the COVID-19. He gave this information this morning. He also urged people

Kerala On Top & UP At Bottom – Health Index Report Released by Niti Aayog

Kerala, the southernmost state of India, has emerged as one of the best and overall performers according to the Niti Aayog Health Index for the

Night Curfew Imposed in the National Capital from 11 pm Tonight, Yellow Alert May Also Issue

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority has Imposed the Night Curfew in Delhi from Dec 27 onwards till further notice. The restrictions will be
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COVID-19 Variant Omicron – Here Is Everything You Need To Know Right Now

As far as variants of COVID-19 go, Omicron grabs the attention worldwide, alone sounds as ominous. The World Health Organization (WHO) classified

The Search for the New Chief of Defence Staff has Started: Defence Minister

The Army chief “MM Narvane” has entrusted the charge of Chief of Defence Staff Committee’s Chairman (CoSC) The Government of India has started

Libya Election Panel Rejects Gaddafi’s Don As a Candidate

Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, (49) the son of the late Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi, has filed his nomination papers for the presidency. He submitted his
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Cat At The Top of Popularity with Four Ears

Everyone wants to be a big celebrity. If everyone discussed him! As soon as people go out on the street, they will say, “Hey, hey, 

Kim Jong Un’s Wife Adheres To Strict Rules

Curiosity about Kim Jong-un around the world, this one North Korean president hides behind a mystery. Kim Jong-un was out of the discussion when the
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India’s CDS, Including 12 Others Died in Chopper Accident in Coonoor of Tamil Nadu

It’s a very monumental loss for the country that the Chief of Defence Staff has died in a tragic accident when he was going to deliver a
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The 2nd Largest Company Chasing after SBI: HDFC Bank is Merging with HDFC Ltd

HDFC Bank and HDFC Ltd announced that the merger process between both of them is a USD 40 billion deal that is going to create a huge financial ... Read More

Weather Department Warns: “Severe Heat Wave” In Delhi Today, Tomorrow

The India Meteorological Department said, Today, parts of Delhi are forecast to record a severe heatwave, with the maximum temperature likely to hit ... Read More