About The Omicron COVID-19 Variant – Everything You Need To Know
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About The Omicron COVID-19 Variant – Everything You Need To Know

Scientists get to know a new variant of COVID-19 named Omicron. This new strain of COVID-19 was first found in Southern Africa. There are many concerns about Omicron, it can increase reinfection risks. Scientists from all over the world are trying to understand if COVID-19 vaccines will work against this variant of COVID-19.

Why are Scientists Concerned About The Omicron?

They classify Omicron as the variant of concern because it is based on the evidence that is presented by the Technical Advisory Group of WHO on the Virus Evolution. This founded evidence suggested that mutations of this new variant could lead to its easy and fast spreads and severe illness that it may cause This is the reason why scientists are more concerned about Omicron.

Will Existing Vaccines of COVID-19  Work Against the Omicron?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that they are working on it to understand the Omicron variant’s potential impact & effectiveness of existing vaccines and other countermeasures of the COVID-19. IL6  Receptor Blockers and Corticosteroids will still be found effective against the severe disease, advised by WHO. As the research on it continues, WHO is reminding people that the vaccines of COVID-19 remain effective against variants of COVID-19 that include Delta strain, severe disease, and death.

Does Omicron Increase Reinfection Risk?

Primary research of WHO shows that the new variant of COVID-19 may increase reinfection risk for those people who have already suffered from COVID-19. However, data on the research is limited and more information will be available in the upcoming days. In testing these infections, PCR tests are more effective to detect the Omicron variant.

What Preventive Measures People Can Take To Protect Themselves?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the best and fastest way to stop the spread of this new variant of COVID-19 is the social distance of at least 1m, wearing a mask, improving ventilation, avoiding crowded and poorly ventilated or spaces, keeping your hands clean, and get vaccinated.

Governments Reaction on Increasing Cases of  Omicron Around The World

In recent days, scientists from South Africa identified a new variant of COVID-19 named  Omicron. Its increasing cases have been detected in several countries around the world.

An outbreak in Portugal’s country has been traced. Denmark, Netherlands, and Australia have also reported Omicron’s cases. Earlier, new variant cases were also reported in Belgium, Switzerland, and the UK.

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Many countries from the world have imposed restrictions on entry and tightened traveling after the warning by WHO as it is a global risk to surge in infections. Japan said that it would shut the border of the country to prevent the spread of the Omicron in their country. Israel became the first country who shut down its borders in response to the new variant Omicron. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the US advised stopping traveling to and from eight southern African countries.

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