How People Test Positive for COVID-19 Even After Vaccination?
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How People Test Positive for COVID-19 Even After Vaccination?

We people waited long enough to have an effective vaccine for the cure and protection from the COVID-19 causing virus. Various scientists tried to develop such a vaccine and many of them made it successfully but they were not sure if they would be effective or not. In fact, some reports claimed that few people tested positive for the disease after getting vaccinations. This type of news has developed a sense of distrust and fear among people. Owing to the risk of COVID-19 vaccination side-effects, most people do not want to get the vaccination. They thought that the vaccine would act as an arsenal against the deadly Coronavirus instead of putting their lives at stake. 

Some famous people who tested COVID-19 positive after getting the Pfizer vaccine include Hall of Fame basketball coach Rick Pitino and Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts.

Great researchers and senior doctors have explained the reason behind it. They say that the COVID-19 vaccine does not protect people from disease instantly. Sometimes, it may take a few days or weeks to respond. And, in between the duration, people may be vulnerable to the infection. It is not a preventive measure even after getting the first dose of vaccination that means you can contract the infection and get ill after vaccination.

In case, if you are not aware that you are already infected by the novel Coronavirus and get vaccinated, then your infection level may become high and that will make you extremely ill. So, it is important to get tested COVID-19 before going for the vaccination.

Can Anyone Transmit Coronavirus After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine?

After getting the vaccine against COVID-19, the immune system of humans takes time to respond. In that phase, the one who got the vaccine remains vulnerable to infection and can transmit the virus. To understand it clearly, continue to read this blog…

The pandemic still exists and we people are still at high risk of contracting the deadly virus. Getting a dose of vaccine means that people have the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s weakest form in their system that cannot cause the disease but has the life. In such situations who are not following prescribed precautionary measures like hand sanitization, social distancing, wearing masks, etc. can lead you to catch the infection from people who are already infected. It can bring a deadly virus into your system that may overwhelm your body and cause disease.

Final Words

While the above-mentioned reasons are true, one can not deny that the COVID-19 vaccines do not provide complete protection against the deadly virus. Vaccines can help only in minimizing the chances of getting affected by the SARS-CoV-2 severely. It helps immunization in blocking the symptoms of infections but it actually makes you the carrier of deadly pathogens.

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