Is India Prepared for The Third Wave of Covid19
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Is India Prepared for The Third Wave of Covid19

Currently, India is fighting with Covid -19 second wave and trying to recover from this monstrous second wave. Top scientists, doctors and research analysts have been raising alarm about the third wave. Scientists and doctors strongly emphasized that the second wave dug a lot on our system and our entire healthcare system to its knees. Here we are trying to explain the Corona waves. Let’s discuss this with the Covid-19 cases graph.

Now India has faced two consecutive waves of Covid-19. In the first wave, India saw highest infections in the month of September, 97000. That time we saw a complete lockdown and we broke the chain of virus.

When the second wave struck in April 2021, the type of virus was different as it changed the nature and the type. This time we have seen most cases in the villages and small towns as well.

Now most of the health experts are discussing the third wave.

AIIMS director and one of the most famous and well-known doctors in India Dr. Randeep Guleria said we’ll possibly see another wave in a few months and this time the impact of the wave may not be as big as the second wave because most of the population will get vaccinated.

But most of the experts are saying that the third wave is worse than the second wave. We all think the virus is expected to get weaker however the certain mutations make the virus even stronger. The virus B.1.617 is the second wave mutation that is fueled largely by the double mutant strain.

Third wave will especially target kids, so the central government requested all the state governments to work on grounds. And make plans and prepare a Covid ward for kids. The state government can convert school and nursery into the covid ward if kids are not familiar with the hospitals.

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