Kim Jong Un’s Wife Adheres To Strict Rules
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Kim Jong Un’s Wife Adheres To Strict Rules

Curiosity about Kim Jong-un around the world, this one North Korean president hides behind a mystery. Kim Jong-un was out of the discussion when the entire world was busy with Corona. This mysterious man from North Korea likes to cover himself with a shroud of mystery. Kim Jong-un hides many things in his country, not just himself. It is very difficult to understand from the outside what is happening in North Korea. A few days ago, there was news that Kim Jong-un has died. No one knew if he was dead, but North Korea later said he was not dead. 

North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sol-Ju. Kim Jong Un’s wife. Before marriage, Ri was a musician. She is now a mother of three. But after marriage, everything changed. Let’s look at some unknown things about the First Lady of North Korea. In 2009, Ri Sol-Ju was forced to marry Kim Jong Un. From then on, she had to go through strict instructions. 

After the marriage, Ri changed not only her husband’s last name but also her name. She had to do this under the leadership of her husband, Kim Jong Un. Not only that. They released no information about her. Her birthplace, growing up, age is all hidden. 

After marriage, She can’t do anything she wants. She has no right to decide what to eat, what to wear, how, or what to eat. That’s why Ri can’t leave the house without her husband Kim’s permission. That is why she is always seen with her husband. Even her children are not allowed outside. Even though she traveled around the country and abroad before her marriage, now she can’t imagine going abroad. Although fast ladies from other countries are involved in various social work. But she cannot do anything like that.

Ri became pregnant after marriage. Then her life became more difficult.

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