Cat At The Top of Popularity with Four Ears
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Cat At The Top of Popularity with Four Ears

Everyone wants to be a big celebrity. If everyone discussed him! As soon as people go out on the street, they will say, “Hey, hey,  hey.” But being a celebrity is not easy for everyone. Fame is nothing new for celebrities. But today I’m going to talk about a celebrity who is not even a human being, though it has thousands of followers. I talking about a four ears cat.

The cat named Midas is strange to look at because of an extra pair of ears. However, this extra pair of ears has brought it extra popularity. Midas on the Internet at just four months old. It has its own Instagram account. They uploaded pictures of its daily activities on social media. It has 73 thousand followers on Instagram.

Midas has become a star with four ears. Midas was born in Ankara, Turkey. It has four more siblings. However, it did not have to stay on the streets with its siblings for long. A family adopted this strange cat in Ankara. The owner lovingly named it Midas. The family thought that it might suffer because of this strange appearance. No one will love it, no one will want to shelter it.

They already have two dogs in their house. They have a strong bond with Midas. This form of Midas does not harm its health. According to animal experts, it can hear well. According to them, it is a kind of genetic defect. After a physical examination of Midas, experts said that many people think Midas hear more than others. But an ear test showed that from the outside it looks like a four-eared cat, but it works with both ears. This is because the eardrums of the Midas are connected to the inner auditory canal.

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