Karnataka Hijab Ban Stays, Court Says Not Important Religious Rule
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Karnataka Hijab Ban Stays, Court Says Not Important Religious Rule

A hijab is not an important religious rule, the Karnataka High Court said today in a massive knock to students who had questioned a ban on wearing the hijab in class. Five pleas had contested the ban in court. 

Along with the order, the state government denied large groups for a week in state capital Bengaluru “to maintain public peace and order.” Mangalore too prohibited large crowds from March 15 to 19. Schools and colleges are closed in Udupi today. 

The Karnataka High Court had temporarily restricted religious clothes, including Hijab and saffron scarves, last month as the debate snowballed into rallies and a face-off between various areas of students.

The seekers, including a dozen Muslim students, told the court that wearing the hijab was an essential right secured under India’s constitution and an important tradition of Islam. After eleven days of the hearing, the High Court had committed its judgment on February 25. 

Teachers and students have been stopped from entering schools and colleges for wearing the hijab in many parts of the state since then.

Videos of students and teachers withdrawing the Hijab in public to be permitted inside educational institutions had started a huge shout. The High Court had then explained that the temporary ban was used only to students and not teachers. 

The controversy over the hijab exploded in Karnataka late last year as students at school in Udupi alleged that they were stopped from entering class wearing headscarves.

On February 5, Karnataka refused “clothes that were against law and order,” and on February 10 the High Court temporarily prohibited all religious outfits as it heard pleas contesting the rules. 

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