The Nationwide Economic Crisis In Sri Lanka: Declared Emergency As The Protests Turned Violent
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The Nationwide Economic Crisis In Sri Lanka: Declared Emergency As The Protests Turned Violent

The crisis in Sri Lanka shows no signs of cooling down the existing situation. On Thursday, hundreds of protesting citizens clashed with the police and military outside the President’s residence for several hours as the anger against Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s way of handling a deepening economic crisis ends in a nationwide emergency-like situation in the island nation of about 22 million people turned aggressive.

India has provided an aid of $2.4 billion, the fuel is going to reach the Colombo port today through a ship. India is even ready for air assistance in order to assist the people of Sri Lanka if the Colombo government requests. High Commissioner of India Gopal Baglay talked to Padma Rao Sundarji in an exclusive conversation about the issue of electricity and connectivity in Sri Lanka.

But on Friday (April 1), with the street protests gripping sporadic outcry that was broken out over shortage of essential items including fuel and other goods. Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared that this is a state of emergency in this island nation. He issued an official Gazette as hundreds of protestors tried to storm the president’s home.

He invoked the sections of the Public Security Ordinance that will give him the authority to make regulations for the good of public security, protection of public order, suppression of mutiny, riot, civil commotion, and the maintenance of essential reserves. Underneath the emergency regulations, the president can approve any detentions, take control of properties, and search any premises. He can also change/suspend any law they feel violating.

Recently Police arrested around 54 people and imposed a curfew around Colombo. Dozens of people are also injured in the protest against the president.

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